Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tahtan People Are Still Fighting.

"According to the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, Shell has launched a lawsuit against Talhtan elders for loss of revenue. The Klabona Keepers have filed a counter-suit for failure to consult.
Employment opportunities have come from natural resources development in recent years. Because of various concerns over the lands, the parties involved balance between development and the environment.
Talk of an Alaska-Canada railroad traversing Tahltan lands recurs every so often with feasibility studies being done."

These actions outraged many Tahltan who, when they learned more about the impacts of coalbed methane development, became determined to protect their territory from the threats posed by the invasive drilling.
Smith, M. (2007). TheTyee. December 9th, 2010,

A village may already suffer from high rates of drug and alcohol abuse and suicide. With the social fabric already stretched, the turmoil caused by Shell and various mining companies pushes the community closer to a total social breakdown. AN EXPLOSION will interrupt lifestyles the Tahltan are struggling to live in.

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